PARISH NOTICES for the week beginning
31st July/1st August 2021 - 18th Sunday, Year B

We only have to consider the number of cookery programmes on television to realise that food is big business and that it has little to do with feeding the hungry. 

In the developed world it is about novelty, the exotic, what is really healthy. We don't want the same old thing over and over because we get bored easily.  

In a certain sense, this type of potent symbol for what is being addressed in the readings. To quote from Deuteronomy, 'Human beings do not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God’. We hunger for meaning, a sense of purpose and if that is addressed then we can be truly content. This is what Jesus, as the bread of life, is speaking about. In him we can come to understand ourselves and be amazed at our own dignity and worth in the sight of God. 

We are, at heart, spiritual beings and if we don't address that, then we might easily spend our time satisfying our appetites and never our deepest need.



1st Exodus 16 : 2 - 4. God feeds the hungry Israelites with manna and quails

Psalm 78. Response: The Lord gave them bread from heaven

2nd Ephesians 4 : 17, 20 - 24. Give up your aimless lifestyle and embrace goodness and truth

Gospel John 6 : 24 - 35. Jesus, as the ultimate “bread from heaven,” offers eternal life


All weekend Masses for Grandparents and the senior members of our Community


MASS TIMES Morning Mass (Monday- Friday) has returned to its original time before lockdown, which is 9:30am, preceded by Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament at 9am. There is no Saturday morning Mass.

Vigil Mass is back to 6:15pm on Saturday evening. Sunday Masses: 9:30am and 11:15am.

FACE COVERINGS It is strongly encouraged, from a moral and respectful point of view, to continue wearing face masks during Public Worship. This indeed, is not a legal requirement, and several our parishioners have exemption from wearing masks.

Further, if you wish to continue adhering to social distancing in the Church, then please arrive at least 10 minutes before Mass, and a section in the church will be reserved for you.


MASS VIA YOUTUBE from the week commencing Monday 26th July, Mass will be streamed live on Wednesday (9.30am) and Sunday (11.15am). Note: YouTube only!


FLOWER ARRANGING ROTA - VOLUNTEERS NEEDED If you enjoy flower arranging we would be really grateful if you would join the flower arranging rota, as we are returning to more normal weekend Mass attendance, and would like to have regular flowers again.
The rota duty is for two consecutive weeks and generally the second week is only freshening one or two flowers and topping up the water. Containers and oasis are in the parish centre and you can be reimbursed for the flowers by putting in a claim form and receipt to the parish office. If we get enough volunteers you will only have to do a couple of turns a year. Please contact Carolyn Foster (01628 624635) or Sarah in the office if you can help.

SHIELDING” for those in our community who continue to join at the Eucharist via YouTube on a regular basis, but for one reason or another, cannot physically come to the Church, and would like to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion, please let Fr. Liam or the parish office know. Fr. Liam will bring the Holy Sacrament to you whilst adhering to social distancing and a safe environment.



Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults:

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is a programme for adults who wish to be baptised and/or received into the Church. It is also for adult parishioners who wish to complete their process of initiation and be prepared to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.

The Baptism and Reception into the Church normally take place at the Easter Vigil Mass (Saturday Evening before Easter).  Group class, input and journeying together will begin in the Autumn.

If you, or you know someone who is searching, and wishes to come home to full communion with the Church, then please contact Fr. Liam for further information.


Sacraments of Initiation:

For the Sacrament of First Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation, application forms will be available from the beginning of August. They will be on the website and printed and available from the Church porch. Please complete and send back an electronic or hard copy to the Parish Office (not the school) before 10th September 2021.

This year we are accepting children who are 8 years of age and above by October 1st, for First Holy Communion, and teenagers over 13 and under 18 years of age, for Confirmation.

For the Introduction for Reconciliation and First Holy Communion, a Prayer Service will take place at St. Edmund Campion Church at 5pm, on Saturday 11th September, followed by the Vigil Mass at 6:15pm.

For the Confirmation Programme, a Prayer Service and Introduction will take place on Saturday 18th September at 5pm, followed by the Vigil Mass at 6.15pm.

For both programmes it is a ‘3-Step-Programme’.

Step 1: This step is called: ‘Come and See’. (John 1: 39-41). An invitation from Jesus. 14 weekends between mid-September to end of December. The candidate is required to attend at least 10 weekend Masses with family members.

Step 2: This step is called: ‘Sat at the feet of Jesus’. (Luke 10:38-42). 10 input/teaching classes between January and April. This will be done on alternative Saturdays. Each input will comprise of 90 minutes. Candidates are expected to attend Mass every weekend during this period.

Step 3: This step is called: Jesus sent them out’ (Luke 10:1). During May, the candidates will do a missionary assignment in the Church and Community. Candidates are expected to attend Mass every weekend during this period.




It is greatly appreciated that many of you transferred your ‘church offering’ from cash to direct debit and standing order over the last number of months. Our parish has had its financial income greatly reduced and this has impacted on our church activities, donations to various charities and parish maintenance. The Offertory Collection Basket is at the church entrance and exit each day if you wish to make a very welcome donation. There is also a contactless “tap to donate” machine, where you can contribute to the weekly collection.

NB: It would be helpful for the parish if the vast majority of our Weekly Collection could be done via Direct Debit / Standing Order. I ask that you reflect and, if possible, switch your donation from cash to bank. This would be invaluable and would give the Parish Council and Finance Committee more solidity in planning for the months/years ahead. At present, we are a vastly cash—giving parish, and with the dramatic decrease, it is very hard to plan and donate to those most vulnerable and in need, as well as care for our parish community..

Account name: St. Edmund Campion Maidenhead

Sort code: 30-93-04

Account number: 00882551

FOODSHARE We are a collection point for Foodshare. Our collection area is just inside the porch doors, but if you leave food outside, out of hours (in a bag or other covering) the building is regularly checked. Foodshare are currently really in need of tinned vegetables and tinned meat, amongst all the regular donations.

As the summer holidays approach, snacks suitable for children would be welcomed, we all know how much food children can get through in a day in the holidays!

FOLK GROUP SUMMER CONCERT We have made the difficult decision to cancel the Folk Group Concert this Saturday (24th July). Thank you to those that had already purchased tickets - if you would like a refund then please contact the parish office with your bank details and a refund will be arranged. Any money not refunded will be donated to the WORK charity as planned. We hope to find an alternative date in the future to share with you all that we have been rehearsing!


We are making provisions to open up all hospitality. If you'd like to offer your services to make refreshments after Sunday 9:30am Mass, please get in touch with Karen Ryder ( before Wed 28th July. What better way to meet others from the community over a cuppa?!

The ask is to cover one mass every 8 to 12 weeks or so, assuming we get enough volunteers. Probably starting from September 2021.

It involves purchasing milk, squash & biscuits (which can be reimbursed), setting up 10 mins before Mass and providing refreshments for up to 30 mins post 9:30am Mass and clearing away afterwards. Normally it's 45 mins to an hour in total after Mass.

TODDLERS GROUP will be back in September. Please keep an eye on the WhatsApp group for details.

APPOINTMENTS If you wish to speak to Fr Liam in confidence on any matter, please contact him by phone or e-mail

HOUSEBOUND If you know of anyone who is sick and/or housebound, please let Sarah (Parish Office) or Fr Liam know.

School News

ADMISSION INTO ST EDMUND CAMPION SCHOOL AND NURSERY is based on Mass attendance for some categories. In our parish, we have an attendance card available from the table in the church lobby. Every time you come to Sunday Mass please get your card stamped. For information on the current Admissions Policy see the school's website,