PARISH NOTICES for the week beginning
6th/7th March 2021 - 3rd Sunday of Lent, Year B

Jesus gets angry in the Temple (John 2:13-25)


Jesus is seen here in a towering rage. Yet, there was nothing new about the buying and the selling that was taking place in the Temple. It had been going on for generations. His anger reminds us that anger as an emotion is not wrong in and of itself. Because practices are long-established does not mean they should continue to be tolerated. There are things we really should get angry about, such as injustice and inequality in our country and our world. How might I express righteous indignation?


I imagine myself visiting the Temple when Jesus enters. I am accustomed to the moneychangers, and to the hucksters who convenience worshippers by selling cattle, sheep and doves for the ritual sacrifices. The fury of Jesus startles and upsets me, makes me think. Surely, these guys are making an honest few bob?


But this is the house of God. When money creeps in, it tends to take over. Is there any of the Christian sacraments untouched by commercialism? Baptism parties, First Holy Communion money and extravagant costs for dresses and suits, Confirmation parties, wedding feasts at exotic hotels…They are meant to be the touch of God at key moments in our lives; but can God get a hearing amid the clatter of coins and extravagances?


Jesus signed his death warrant when he cast commerce out of the temple. He stood up for the truth about God and about religion and the poor, as the business people of the temple were exploiting the poor with high prices. Lent gives us new insights into how Jesus lived his life, always within the shadow of his death. Even this scene at the start of the gospel has us remembering that this would lead him to death and to glory. The glory of God here is Jesus fully alive to the exploitation of the poor, the mistreatment of the house of God, and fully alive to the faith that was beginning to grow in his disciples.

Our prayer today might remember all who suffer and are endangered in their commitment to justice and right religion.



1st.  Exodus 20:1-17.  The Law given at Sinai.

Psalm 18.  You, Lord, have the message of eternal life.

2nd.  1 Cor 1:22-25.  The crucified Christ, the power and wisdom of God.

Gospel.  John 2:13-25.  Destroy this sanctuary and in three days I will raise it up.


STATIONS OF THE CROSS DURING LENT Each Friday during Lent at 3pm, you can join online and pray as a community, via the parish website, the Stations of the Cross.

The Stations of the Cross are a 14-step Catholic devotion that commemorates Jesus Christ's last day on Earth as a person. The 14 devotions, or stations, focus on specific events of His last day, beginning with His condemnation. The stations are commonly used as a mini pilgrimage as the individual moves from station to station. At each station, the individual recalls and meditates on a specific event from Christ's last day. Specific prayers are recited, then the individual moves to the next station until all 14 are complete.

The Stations of the Cross are commonly found in churches as a series of 14 small icons or images, as you can see on the back wall of St. Edmund Campion church. They can also appear in church yards arranged along paths. The stations are most commonly prayed during Lent on Wednesdays and Fridays, and especially on Good Friday, the day of the year upon which the events actually occurred.


NATIONAL NOVENA TO ST JOSEPH 10th -18th March.  Please join the Novena in this year of St. Joseph, each morning at the 10am Mass and all the weekend Masses to pray for your own intentions and the Mill Hill Missionaries.  A novena is a series of prayers that are said for nine straight days, usually as a prayer of petition but sometimes as a prayer of thanksgiving.  May this Novena of 2021 be a means of grace and consolation to all who have suffered bereavement and loss during this pandemic.  If you have a particular intention that you would like to have placed at the national Shrine of St. Joseph, then please email you message or request to:


Mass intentions.

7th.  Sunday.              10am:  Healing for Tom Davern, Barbara McNellie, Oliver Endersby.

                                       Zeid Shaban RIP, who died on Wednesday.  (Brother of Rula).

                                       12pm:  David Mitchell RIP (anniversary.  Husband of Sadie).

8th.  Monday:            10am:  For all at St. Edmund Campion school – children and staff.

9th.  Tuesday:            10am:  Mary Anne Thompson RIP, who died recently.

11th. Thurs: 10am:  Patrick Bailey RIP, who died recently.

13th. Sat. 6pm:    Gerald Robert Brockwell RIP (anniversary.  Husband of Cora).



9th. Tuesday: Mary Anne Thompson, at Green Acres, Beaconsfield.

11th. Thurs: Patrick Bailey, at East Hampstead Park.


MASS TIMES Mass is celebrated every day at 10am (Monday to Friday).  Weekend Masses from 13th March will be the Sunday Liturgy.  Masses for Sunday Liturgy are Saturday 10am & 6pm; Sunday 10m, 12pm & 6pm.  For weekend Masses you will need to sign in via the website.


ZOOM is now live from 9.55AM to 11AM every day, for Mass at 10AM. This means you can connect for Mass every weekday.  Admission for Mass on Zoom will be stopped at 9.55, to allow the hosts to be present in the Mass.


FACE COVERINGS DURING MASS It is most important that if you do come to the church for Mass, you wear a face covering (mask or face shield).  Scarves are not sufficient, and masks and face shields must cover the nose.  Up to now, loose face coverings have been allowed but we need to be stricter in order to keep this virus at bay.  We ask that people who, for one reason or another, are exempt from wearing, or will not wear a face-covering, to consider participating with Mass online via Zoom or YouTube. Please understand that while we do not wish to exclude anyone from Mass, we must endeavour to comply with all regulations in place to keep everyone protected


VOLUNTEERS We need you!  We need a last consolidated effort to ensure the opening of the church and accessibility via Zoom until the end of June.  We ask you to consider the possibility of being a Church steward or, if you have computer skills, a Host for one of the Masses during the week.

For stewards please email Kathryn at:

For Hosting please email Mike at:


SUPPORT FOR PARISHIONERS DURING THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC A number of parishioners are offering support to other parishioners who are vulnerable or self-isolating. If you or a friend or relative would welcome a phone call, a bit of shopping, want the newsletter dropping through your letterbox etc. please phone the parish 01628 628274 or contact Father Liam on 07776580596. Your request will be passed to a trusted parishioner who will contact you to discuss your request. It would be helpful if those parishioners who have contact with others who are not able to access the newsletter online could alert them to this item. Thank you.


POPE FRANCIS’ VISIT TO THE MIDDLE EAST Please keep in your prayers Pope Francis, who travels to the Middle East for his first overseas trip since the pandemic. He makes a historic journey to Iraq, the first ever Papal Visit to the country, from 5th – 8th March 2021.



We hope you will join us for a virtual social quiz on Thursday 18th March starting 7:30pm.  It will a bit of fun, very social, no prizes but hopefully enjoyable, with a selection of questions which will not be too difficult. It is open to everyone, all ages, families etc. The quiz will last for about an hour with a bit of a social at the end.

Signing up to join via zoom will be the same as joining a Mass with Mike Quinn, our technical manager, in charge. John Carr will run the quiz. 

More details re: signing up will follow.



 9th March at 7.30pm via Zoom.



Meets every Friday at 4.15 via Zoom. If you are interested, please contact Charlie Evans on 07946524959.


PARISH COUNCIL MEETING Tuesday 16th March  at 7pm via Zoom


WEBSITES AND RETREATS FOR LENT We have been offered four amazing retreats from our Diocese and you can link into any of them.


Other websites that are excellent include:


PAUSING AND REMEMBERING 24th MARCH 10AM the week from 22nd March will see us ‘remembering’ our entry into Lockdown One and the season of Covid-19, which still continues.  A lot has happened in a year.  We have lost loved ones – some due to the pandemic.    Some died at home; some died in hospital without the hand of a loved one to hold them; some of our loved ones died in our country of origin and we could not get home for the funeral due to travel restrictions. We have all felt the pain, the loss, the anxiety.  We need to pause and to remember our loved ones who died in the past year.   There will be a special Mass on Wednesday the 24th at 10am where each name will be proclaimed and they will be remembered with dignity, with prayer and with a lighted candle showing that they rest in the light of God.

If you have lost a loved one, or know someone who has died, please pass his or her name to Nina who will collate the ‘Roll of Remembrance’ for this Mass.  Email her at:


LIFE OF THE CHURCH It is a challenging but life-giving experience to create the ‘domestic church’ at home.  This is always encouraged by the Universal Church that our first experience of church is at home with family.  It is amazing to hear of all the creative and inspiring stories of how you are keeping the faith and prayer alive in your home on a daily and weekly basis.  Feel free to write a short paragraph of some of the things you are doing.  This may inspire other families in their role of creating the ‘domestic church’.


At present, we have daily Eucharist in the church via Zoom and YouTube, and the church building is open to the wider community five days a week from March 13th.  Welcome to pray.  Open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9.30am to 11am and on Saturday for 10am and 6pm Mass (Sunday Liturgy); Sunday for the 10am, 12pm and 6pm Masses.


Courses and prayer groups are online via the parish website and that is proving very popular.


It is essential that we, as a community, continue our pilgrim journey of getting back into the rhythm of the Church's liturgy and life.  As families - children and adults, let's endeavour to bring a sense of peace, calm and belonging, back into our church and allow time from the easing of restrictions until about September to let people come and worship,  and to greet and feel at ease in the church.  A time will come when it will be ripe to begin classes for preparation of the various sacraments.  We pray for patience and perseverance and an end to this dreadful pandemic.


As children return to school on March 8th, we really encourage families to also start returning to public Mass.  ‘Back to School, back to Church’.


“SHIELDING” for those in our community who continue to join at the Eucharist via Zoom or YouTube on a regular basis, but for one reason or another, cannot physically come to the Church, and would like to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion, please let Fr. Liam or the parish office know.  Fr. Liam will bring the Holy Sacrament to you whilst adhering to social distancing and a safe environment.


TODDLERS GROUP Unfortunately, we can't run Toddler Group as normal. To stay in touch and keep everyone updated, There is a Facebook Group ( and a WhatsApp group (contact to be added).



It is greatly appreciated that many of you transferred your ‘church offering’ from cash to direct debit and standing order over the last number of months. Our parish has had its financial income greatly reduced and this has impacted on our church activities, donations to various charities and parish maintenance. From September 1st, there will be an Offertory Collection Basket at the church entrance and exit each day if you wish to make a very welcome donation. There is also a contactless “tap to donate” machine, where you can contribute to the weekly collection.

NB: It would be helpful for the parish if the vast majority of our Weekly Collection could be done via Direct Debit / Standing Order. I ask that you reflect and, if possible, switch your donation from cash to bank. This would be invaluable and would give the Parish Council and Finance Committee more solidity in planning for the months/years ahead. At present, we are a vastly cash—giving parish, and with the dramatic decrease, it is very hard to plan and donate to those most vulnerable and in need, as well as care for our parish community..

Account name: St. Edmund Campion Maidenhead

Sort code: 30-93-04

Account number: 00882551

APPOINTMENTS If you wish to speak to Fr Liam in confidence on any matter, please contact him by phone or e-mail

HOUSEBOUND If you know of anyone who is sick and/or housebound, please let Sarah (Parish Office) or Fr Liam know.

School News

ADMISSION INTO ST EDMUND CAMPION SCHOOL AND NURSERY is based on Mass attendance for some categories. In our parish, we have an attendance card available from the table in the church lobby. Every time you come to Sunday Mass get your card stamped. For information on the current Admissions Policy see the school's website,

Please be aware that attendance cards are available and must be stamped to record attendance on days when Mass allows attendance in-person.

SIF FORMS Please contact Fr Liam directly if you need a SIF form signed.