St. Edmund Campion Parish, Maidenhead


The church buildings remain closed: Masses now live online every day.

Physical Distancing Saves Lives - join Mass at St. Edmund Campion according to the schedule below:

  • Daily (Sunday, and Monday to Saturday) at 10:00 am
  • Extra Mass on Sunday at 12:00 noon
  • Extra Mass on Monday and Friday at 8:00 am

Watch on:

Please mute your microphone and video during all of the Mass, otherwise others may not be able to hear the service.

Rotas for 24th May 2020 - 7th Sunday of Easter, Year A
Sunday 24 May 10am 12noon
Zoom Host Agnieszka D Reena K
Zoom Cohost Mike Q Basil S
1st Reading Liam F Marian B
2nd Reading Patty P Dube I
Monday 25 May 8am 10am
Zoom Host Basil S Reena K
Reading Laura B David R
Tuesday 26 May 10am
Zoom Host Agnieszka D
Reading Carolyn F
Wednesday 27 May 10am
Zoom Host Reena K
Reading Ruth D
Thursday 28 May 10am
Zoom Host Mike Q
Reading Beryl B
Friday 29 May 8am 10am
Zoom Host Agnieszka D Reena K
Reading Mary S Sandra W
Saturday 30 May 10am
Zoom Host Basil S
Reading Andy S

ADMISSION INTO ST EDMUND CAMPION SCHOOL AND NURSERY is based on Mass attendance for some categories. In our parish, we have an attendance card available from the table in the church lobby. Every time you come to Sunday Mass get your card stamped in the parish centre. You will need the Parish Priests's signature on the SIF form, once your attendance in 2019 has been completed. For information on the current Admissions' Policy see the school's website,

PARISH NOTICES for the week beginning
23rd/24th May 2020 - 7th Sunday of Easter, Year A

John 17:1-11

Jesus speaks from the depths of his heart. He tells us of the Father’s love for him and his love for his Father, who is the heart and core of his very being. The Father’s love continues to be with him right to the end, even to the Cross, to the point of giving his all, his life.

“This is eternal life, that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent”. All our life we struggle to know him, through words and parables, and through the world which he has entrusted to us. At no stage can we say that we understand God. Saint Augustine wrote: “Understanding is the reward of faith. Therefore do not seek to understand in order to believe, but believe that you may understand”. My human mission is to seek God through every means, and to remain a God-seeker until the day when he reveals himself to me face to face.


“I have made your name known to those whom you gave me.”  What powerful words and what a wondrous gift Jesus gave to his disciples!  Take a moment and think back to your childhood/early adulthood.  Who was it that introduced you to God and to Jesus?  Was it your parents or was it the priests, sisters, or teachers in your parish or at your school?  Was it an encounter with someone who had a great impact on you?

Was God manifested to you in the beauty of nature? Perhaps it was all of the above!


The question for us today is: How are we making Jesus’ name known to the people in our lives? Think about that for a moment.  How do you strive to share Jesus’ love, compassion and generosity to the people in your life?  It may be through the simple and repetitive acts of the daily or it might be through reaching out to someone who is struggling.  When we strive to share Jesus’ love and care with others, we are making Jesus known to them.


Who was it that makes Jesus known to you?  How do they do that?  Is it by their care and appreciation of who you are?  Did they do something to make your day brighter?  Today I invite you to be mindful of the small yet wondrous gifts of care and love the people in your life share with you.  Give thanks for their goodness and love!   And give thanks for the goodness and love of Jesus!

This Week’s   Readings

First reading; Acts 1:12-14 The apostles all joined in continuous prayer

Responsorial Psalm; Psalm 26(27):1,4,7-8

Second reading; 1 Peter 4:13-16 It is a blessing for you when they insult you for bearing the name of Christ

Gospel; John 17:1-11 Father, it is time for you to glorify me

For full readings please see

Please join the St. Edmund Campion Community for Mass according to the schedule below at your convenience


· Monday to Sunday (including Saturday) at 10:00AM

· Extra Mass Monday & Friday at 08:00AM

Extra Mass Sunday at 12 Noon

To join the Mass simply click on the Zoom link below, and a host will let you in: Meeting ID:  356 615 1692 


Please mute your microphone and video during the Mass. If the 'room' is full and has reached it capacity, then you can also go to YouTube.  Click on the link below and you will have access to St. Edmund Campion Church. It is recommended that you subscribe to the channel to get updates. If after you click on the above link, Live Mass doesn’t start, please refresh your browser or reload your You Tube application.


If you are following via Zoom and have access to the daily and Sunday Mass readings, maybe you could volunteer to read at one of the Masses?  If  you are willing, then please email us on:   stating you name and which Mass you will be attending.  One of the hosts will get in touch with you and a Readers List will be issued for the next couple of weeks.


A SPACE TO PRAY ON ZOOM Eric Ramon is guiding a space to pray on Zoom.  Eric, a member of our community, guides the prayer space every Tuesday evening at the Church, which involves time to share and develop our Faith through prayer, reflection and music.  The time also dedicates some of its meeting to prayers of intercession for the families in our parish, especially the sick and vulnerable.  Due to present circumstances this is not possible at the moment, (at least not in the Church building) so the prayer space has moved to Zoom and is proving very popular. Eric is offering space, twice weekly, of musical meditation based on the weekly Scriptures, and prayer for special intentions and finishing with a sing song!

This is a wonderful prayerful moment to meet, pray and give each encouragement and joy.  If you would like to join on this Zoom time, please contact Eric, and ask to be put on the list of ‘invitees’ and he will then send the link to join. His email address is:


ZOOM ROSARY On Fridays in May, the Month of Mary, at 8pm. The rosary  and ‘Journeying with Mary’ will be prayed. You are most welcome to join. The Zoom link is the same as Mass.

PILATES VIA ZOOM Zoe Brennan is conducting some virtual Pilates classes online on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can contact her on


ZOOM INTRODUCTION If you struggle to use Zoom or YouTube in order to participate with Virtual Mass, then ‘do not be afraid’!  Deborah Woodward is willing to help you with getting on line for Mass on Sunday or any other day of the week.  Her email address is:


PARISH COUNCIL MEETING Will be held via Zoom at 7pm on Tuesday 26th May.  If you have any comments or points that you wish to be discussed or raised, then please send them to me at


LISTENING EAR AND EMOTIONAL SUPPORT Joanna Dassen, a member of our community of St. Edmund Campion, has done a number of courses on 'Listening' and accompanying people who need to talk and search for direction in their lives.  She has very generously offered to be available by telephone, day and night, if anyone needs to talk and may need emotional support at this time.  Her number is  07886010763.  All calls are confidential.


FEAST OF PENTECOST Next Sunday the 31st May is the wonderful feast of Pentecost for the Church. Pentecost is the festival when Christians celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit. It is celebrated on the Sunday 50 days after Easter (the name comes from the Greek pentekoste, "fiftieth").  Pentecost is regarded as the birthday of the Christian church, and the start of the church's mission to the world.



Sunday 24th: 10am First Anniversary of the repose of the soul of Fr. Michael Cremin RIP

12pm:  Mass for the repose of the soul of John James Carr who died recently.

Tuesday 26th:   10am: Mass for the repose of the soul of Beryl Romaniuk who died recently.


CANDLE TRAY If you would like a candle lit in the Church during Mass time each morning at 10am for a special intention, please let Fr. Liam know on  These are little tea-lights and will be left near the tabernacle and Fr. Liam and Fr. Kevin will pray for your intention.


The Church building, including the office, is now closed until further notice.

There are no public Masses being  celebrated at this time, however Fr Liam and  Fr Kevin will    celebrate Mass privately every day. They will hold our community in their prayers and offer Mass for all who request an offering. Please also hold them in your prayers at this time.      

They will be praying for you and your intentions,
   for those who are already suffering,
   for those who are grieving,
   for those who are anxious,
   and for those who are working tirelessly to care for the sick. 

We are still available on the below contact details. Please get in touch and we’ll do our best to respond accordingly. There is also the School and Parish support e-mail


FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTIONS A number of people have been contacting the parish asking how to make a contribution to the church for its running costs.   We are aware that you have any other commitments that must be looked after but if you wish, you can make a make a donation or contribution to our community, to the following account:

St Edmund Campion Church. Sort: 309304 Account: 00882551


Please feel free to amend or cancel your standing orders to the Parish, at any time. We understand that people’s circumstances are changing. You do not need to notify us of changes in any way.



Mass Times
9.30am and 11.15am
Monday to Thursday:
Holy days:
7am, 9.30am and 7:30pm
5.30 - 6.10pm on Saturday; or by arrangement
Church open for prayer
Every day:
6am - 9pm

Parish Priest
07776 580596
Fr. Liam Cummins

01628 628274
Sarah Hubbard
Monday: 8.30am to 3.30pm;    Tuesday: 9am to 11.30am;
Wednesday: 9am to 3.30pm;    Friday: 9am to 2pm.    Closed Thursday.

Notices to Parish Office by 12 noon Weds

If you would like a Mass celebrated, either in remembrance or as an intention, please contact Fr Liam to book it.

Staying Connected…..’that they may be one’ (John 17:21)



Dear Parishioner and Friend,


On behalf of the Pastoral Parish Council (PPC) a note of thanks to you for your time, prayers, support and continuing financial assistance to StEC parish during the ‘season of Covid-19’.  Despite the ongoing challenges people have been extremely generous.  


It is uplifting and humbling to learn of the various acts of kindness within our parish community.  Wonderful to hear how people are connecting and looking after others via telephone calls, shopping visits and generally staying in touch.  This is important for parishioners especially those without access to technology.


As yet, we are unable to confirm when the doors of the church will re-open again.  Our prayers are that it will be sooner rather than later.  In the meantime, Fr Liam and Fr Kevin provide Mass via Zoom.  Several of you have mentioned how beneficial it has been to have access to Mass at St Edmund Campion church. During the ‘closed church time’ Fr Liam is taking the opportunity to have minor changes carried out, all within social distancing guidance!   


It is important that we stay connected and support each other, particularly at this time. Several parish groups continue to meet online, connections are made and strengthened as a result of this.  We continue to plan for celebrations in future months when the St Edmund Campion community comes together again. We want to be able to build on the gifts and talents of our wonderful community and improve connections for the benefit of all.


In the meantime, stay safe, stay connected and continue to pray for the community of St Edmund Campion.




Mary Fraser

(Chair of PPC at St Edmund Campion Church)



The next PPC meeting will be Tuesday 26 May 2020 at 7pm.



LIVE LINKS TO MASS Mass is being streamed live from St John’s Cathedral in Portsmouth, Knock in Ireland and many other places. We encourage you to follow online in the next week.

Live link for St John’s Cathedral in Portsmouth:

Live link for Knock Shrine

Live Podcast link for The Vatican

You can find other Churches Live streaming here

DIOCESAN WEBSITE The Diocesan website ( has resources for parishes and parishioners during these difficult times. It provides information, resources and prayers, along with links to other Catholic organisations who are providing a timetable of prayer and spiritual assistance.

PORTSMOUTH DIOCESE NEWS Please find here a link to the Portsmouth Diocese News.

FORMATION FOR MISSION Formation for Mission Team and the God who Speaks national campaign are offering various initiatives which can be found here.

ST EDMUND CAMPION MAIDENHEAD Here you can find all our up to date information, announcements, contact details and information.


MILL HILL MISSIONARIES Here you can find the Mill Hill Missionaries website.

CAFOD Staff are leading children’s liturgies online every Sunday at 10am. This is the link to register:

Bible in a Year Pray as you Go

Sacred Spaces

Busted Halo have some wonderful resources, videos and a virtual stations of the cross at

Anna Freud: Self-Care and Coping Strategies

BBC: How to protect your mental health
CBBC: Video and Questions
ChildMind: Talking to Children
ELSA: Coronavirus Story for Children
National Association of School Psychologists: Parent Resources

WEBSITE Go to and follow the link to bulletins for more notices.

APPOINTMENTS If you wish to speak to Fr Liam in confidence on any matter, please contact him by phone or e-mail

HOUSEBOUND If you know of anyone who is sick and/or housebound, please let Sarah (Parish Office) or Fr Liam know.

School News

ADMISSION INTO ST EDMUND CAMPION SCHOOL AND NURSERY is based on Mass attendance for some categories. In our parish, we have an attendance card available from the table in the church lobby. Every time you come to Sunday Mass get your card stamped in the parish centre. You will need the Parish Priests's signature on the SIF form, once your attendance in 2020 has been completed. For information on the current Admissions Policy see the school's website,