PARISH NOTICES for the week beginning
10th/11th July 2021 - 15th Sunday, Year B
Journey of Faith

There is a certain freedom about accepting the word of God and the gospel of Christ. Jesus tells his disciples not to force the truth of the gospel on people. If they don’t accept it and welcome it they are to move on.

The journey of faith is complicated and a long journey. People accept bits and pieces at times and remain open to further growth. We sometimes expect too much of people and forget that their life stories and their struggles may make it too much to accept a lot of the gospel.  
Is the person whose spouse left him or her condemned forever to a single life? 
Are some types of criminal people never to be forgiven and welcomed back in the church?

The reason the apostles would walk away is that people would not listen to them, not that they would not do what they said. We hope for an openness to the gospel from people, as we hope for an openness to everyone’s life story when we try to share the word of Jesus.

This is true for parents and teachers; we open the word of God and the truth of Jesus to younger people, and hope that now or later they will be followers of Jesus. It does not happen immediately.

The prophet Amos seems to come from an ordinary job to be a prophet; from the ordinary ways we try to follow Christ and live out the gospel we can share the best of our faith with another generation.

Have I judged too easily?
Ask for a heart open to the struggles and history of others.
Lord help me to see others as you see them.



1st Amos 7 : 12 - 15. Amos the herdsman is called by God to be a prophet

Psalm 85. Response: Lord, let us see your kindness, and grant us your salvation

2nd Ephesians 1 : 3 - 14. Praise of God’s lavish grace to humanity

Gospel Mark 6 : 7 - 13. Jesus sends out the twelve, to heal and proclaim repentance from sin


PARISH FINANCE MEETING on Tuesday 13th July, at 7:30pm via Zoom

PARISH COUNCIL MEETING on Tuesday 20th July at 7pm

MASS TIMES Mass is celebrated every day at 10am (Monday to Friday) and the Church will be open for 30 minutes before each Mass for private prayer and adoration of the Eucharist. Masses for Sunday Liturgy are Saturday 10am & 6pm; Sunday 10am, 12pm & 6pm. For weekend Masses you will need to sign in via the website by 6pm on the Friday before.

MASS VIA ZOOM Monday and Thursday for the 10am Mass; and Sunday (10am and 12pm). Zoom will be live 30 minutes before, and YouTube goes live about 10 minutes before Mass starts.


FLOWER ARRANGING ROTA - VOLUNTEERS NEEDED If you enjoy flower arranging we would be really grateful if you would join the flower arranging rota, as we are returning to more normal weekend Mass attendance, and would like to have regular flowers again.
The rota duty  is for two consecutive weeks and generally the second week is only freshening one or two flowers and topping up the water. Containers and oasis are in the parish centre and you can be reimbursed for the flowers by putting in a claim form and receipt to the parish office.  If we get enough volunteers you will only have to do a couple of turns a year. Please contact  Carolyn Foster (01628 624635) or Sarah in the office if you can help.

SCHOOL SUMMER FUNDAY The Parish Funday can’t happen in its usual format this year. However the committee are putting on a "funday" and fundraiser for the children in the school. Hopefully they will have a lovely day and we can raise some much needed funds for the School PTA.

Raffle tickets are available now for great prizes.

Please pick some up from the table in the entrance to the Parish Centre. Just return the stubs and money before Saturday 20th July when the raffle will be drawn

If any keen bakers in the parish would like to bake individual items for the Summer Funday, they would be gratefully received - to be dropped at the Parish office on the afternoon of the 19th of July or the morning of the 20th of July.

FOLK GROUP SUMMER CONCERT — SATURDAY 24th JULY This year our 9:30am folk group are delighted to be able to put on an open-air concert on the school field. People can arrive at the family friendly concert from 3:30pm with music starting from 4pm. The concert will feature a few hours of assorted music from
across the decades- expect easy listening, toe tapping, sing along music! Bring your own picnic, nibbles, drinks and chairs/picnic blankets. Details regarding tickets will be available nearer the time.


FACE COVERINGS DURING MASS It is most important that if you do come to the church for Mass, you wear a face covering (mask or face shield). Scarves are not sufficient, and masks and face shields must cover the nose. Up to now, loose face coverings have been allowed but we need to be stricter in order to keep this virus at bay. We ask that people who, for one reason or another, are exempt from wearing, or will not wear a face-covering, to consider participating with Mass online via Zoom or YouTube. Please understand that while we do not wish to exclude anyone from Mass, we must endeavour to comply with all regulations in place to keep everyone protected.

SHIELDING” for those in our community who continue to join at the Eucharist via Zoom or YouTube on a regular basis, but for one reason or another, cannot physically come to the Church, and would like to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion, please let Fr. Liam or the parish office know. Fr. Liam will bring the Holy Sacrament to you whilst adhering to social distancing and a safe environment.


It is greatly appreciated that many of you transferred your ‘church offering’ from cash to direct debit and standing order over the last number of months. Our parish has had its financial income greatly reduced and this has impacted on our church activities, donations to various charities and parish maintenance. The Offertory Collection Basket is at the church entrance and exit each day if you wish to make a very welcome donation. There is also a contactless “tap to donate” machine, where you can contribute to the weekly collection.

NB: It would be helpful for the parish if the vast majority of our Weekly Collection could be done via Direct Debit / Standing Order. I ask that you reflect and, if possible, switch your donation from cash to bank. This would be invaluable and would give the Parish Council and Finance Committee more solidity in planning for the months/years ahead. At present, we are a vastly cash—giving parish, and with the dramatic decrease, it is very hard to plan and donate to those most vulnerable and in need, as well as care for our parish community..

Account name: St. Edmund Campion Maidenhead

Sort code: 30-93-04

Account number: 00882551

FOODSHARE We are a collection point for Foodshare. Our collection area is just inside the porch doors, but if you leave food outside, out of hours (in a bag or other covering) the building is regularly checked. Foodshare are currently really in need of tinned vegetables and tinned meat, amongst all the regular donations.

As the summer holidays approach, snacks suitable for children would be welcomed, we all know how much food children can get through in a day in the holidays!


TODDLERS GROUP Fabulous News! We are back in the Parish Centre. From School drop off at 8:45am until 10:45am. There is a limit of 30 people and adults will need to wear masks in the hall as per the regulations (unless eating in the designated refreshment area). Windows and doors will be open, and there is a separate QR code to check in to the hall.

Please book with Jenny on before Thursday to join the next session on Friday. We can't wait to see you all, Jenny.

APPOINTMENTS If you wish to speak to Fr Liam in confidence on any matter, please contact him by phone or e-mail

HOUSEBOUND If you know of anyone who is sick and/or housebound, please let Sarah (Parish Office) or Fr Liam know.

School News

ADMISSION INTO ST EDMUND CAMPION SCHOOL AND NURSERY is based on Mass attendance for some categories. In our parish, we have an attendance card available from the table in the church lobby. Every time you come to Sunday Mass get your card stamped. For information on the current Admissions Policy see the school's website,