St. Edmund Campion Parish, Maidenhead

Called & Gifted

The Called and Gifted process aims to help us discover the charisms or 'spiritual gifts' which each of us have been given in baptism. These are different to (though they might complement) our natural or learnt gifts and talents. Charisms are given to us freely by the Holy Spirit specifically for the building up of the Kingdom of God, and so are to be used for the good of the world and for others and never for anything harmful. When we use our charisms we feel energized, we feel as if 'we’ve found our place' or that we 'fit'. We are effective without undue struggle.

Examples of charisms include: hospitality, mercy, encouragement (pastoral charisms); administration, leadership, service (organizational charisms); healing, intercessory prayer (healing charisms); music, writing (creative charisms); evangelism, teaching (communication charisms); faith, voluntary poverty (lifestyle charisms); knowledge, wisdom (charisms of understanding). All of us who have been baptised have received charisms, because God, as Blessed John Henry Newman says, has some definite plan or service for each and every one of us.

The Called and Gifted process consists of three parts:

Christ calls each of us to participate in his work and to a particular vocation; and that our charisms are given by the Holy Spirit for our mission in life. It will also help us learn to discern our own charisms. What a wonderful opportunity!

We dedicate ourselves to bringing the Good News of life and hope to all around us, as we work ever more diligently in realising the Kingdom of God here among us

I would like to invite you to consider signing up for the workshop, which will take place on Friday 20th March 7pm-9pm and Saturday 21st March 9am-4pm at St. Joseph’s Parish Centre, Maidenhead.

To book your place or to request further information you can either email or call Anna Pardoe on 07590 545645. You can also book by completing a booking form which can be found at the back of church.

Father Pepe.