St. Edmund Campion Parish, Maidenhead

All Saints & All Souls (02 Nov 2014)

All Saints

In the saints, both those who live in heaven and those who live on earth, we see authentic people, realised, because they are entirely dedicated to God and the good of their brothers. Man alive would say Chesterton, who lived not far away from here, in Beaconsfield. They show us how we can live today, how every circumstance can be the place of our yes to the Lord.

The Feast of Saints is a festival of joy and light.

They show us God as a real presence. They make Jesus Christ  contemporary and current. We can follow Christ today following their life.

Every moment is load of density, has an infinite value because it is connected with the whole universe. The Mystery that made the world is communicated to me now, through you. Your eyes cast a light of the Mystery upon my person. And I embrace the Mystery embracing you.

All souls

Life promises life. Life wants to live, grow, expand and fill all things. But at a certain point it begins to give up, laguishing. Gradually or suddenly, life has to face its greatest enemy, death.

Death is the ultimate contradiction of life. It is as if life does not fulfill what it promises.

So, man struggles between two positions. Is life a hoax, an illusion and actually everything is finished or is there hope? Is that hope something just beyond, or can we expect something new, a life that does not pass away, even in the here and now of everyday life?

Here, in the midst of this dilemma, breaks an event in history. One Jesus of Nazareth, who claims to be God and promises again life that does not pass away. He says he brings a life that is stronger than death and that death is the gate of resurrection and eternal life. In his words, which speak of things impossible for men, you cannot avoid hearing an accent of truth.  It is irresistible and it drives people on the street.

In our departed, for whom we pray and to whom we are bound with a deep bond of gratitude and affection, we recognize those who have gone before us and who are waiting for us.

That of all souls is a day of serene sadness, aware that not everything ends, but that there is a life beyond life.

Since Jesus arose from the dead and is living forever we know that our death is not the end, but the beginning of the definitive life. Nothing from the beauty of this life will be lost. Every single joy, every good idea, every good fact of our life and of the history of the world will remain and find its fullness. The eternal life will be the fullness of our earthly life.