St. Edmund Campion Parish, Maidenhead

3rd Sunday of Lent, Year B (08 Mar 2015)


Today we have some people among us elected by Christ to be received into the Church and to be confirmed. Christ elects them as He elected a Samaritan woman about two thousand years ago.

The Samaritan woman is definitively a superficial woman, a practical one. For her it is all about the well and how to get some water to quench her thirst.

But Jesus brings her to a more essential level of thirst. The thirst for happiness. She doesn't understand at the beginning. Or she doesn't want to understand. Until Jesus mentions the lack of a proper husband and the abundance of men in her life. Why? Jesus was for sure not the first one in the village to mention the issue. Her case was public. But Jesus was the first one to mention it without justification or condemnation. He loves her in her situation. So she accepts to open the question. She sees a glimpse of an answer to the drama of her life. That hope, the gaze of mercy over her with her sins, allows her to face her drama.

When we glimpse a possible answer to the question of our life, then we dare to face our question, the issue that we tried to avoid until that moment.

Mel, Sarah, Luisa, Martha, don't be afraid to face everything in your life. Jesus has chosen you and He will be with you. The next weeks are important to ask Jesus for help, for His presence. Intensify your times of prayer and the companionship and advice of those who are the living presence of Christ in your life.

And all of you, the best thing that we can do is to stay with them, to support them, to do the same.