St. Edmund Campion Parish, Maidenhead

Midnight Mass, Year B (24 Dec 2014)

Meeting Christ changes everything

The midnight Mass at Christmas evokes and brings to mind the intensity, the density of a moment.

Firstly, the anxiety and the awareness of Joseph and Mary. Anxiety because of the dangers of giving birth while travelling. Awareness because somehow Mary and Joseph knew that that moment was part of the will of God to save mankind. How different would our anxieties be if we were aware that they are part of a big picture painted by God to save the world! Yes, our small issues are part of a design where everything has a place.

But the moment of the birth of that child in a manger is a historic moment that divides the history of the universe between before and after. Before Christ and after Christ. A moment that was expected since the origin of mankind. A moment announced and longed for over many centuries among the Israelites.

Anyway, in both cases, the small story of Joseph and Mary and the big history of the world, something is happening for the first time: the object of the longing of humanity, the beauty without limits that we are longing for, the truth of everything, the longed for and never encountered happiness is for the first time touching, facing and reaching his target. The ultimate object of desire, not just a part, a token of it, is finally revealed.

History is no longer the same after this moment. After this moment all things happening in the world are for this moment or against this moment. In the world and in the personal life of everyone who is experiencing Christ as a real presence in the world. We are invited to take position. We cannot not take position. When God becomes a presence in the streets of Jericho or in the streets of Maidenhead, those who encounter Him are constrained to follow or reject Him.

And you, where are you in front of the claim of God to come to your life and change it? Do you want to start, or restart to follow Him, letting Him determine your time, your decisions, your passion? I wish you a merry Christmas. Merry and full of the joy of a life following Him.