St. Edmund Campion Parish, Maidenhead

Maundy Thursday (24 Mar 2016)

Maundy Thursday – 24th March 2016

A flow. A new flow. A new human flow. The divine life, God's life, enters into the history of man, in our stories with all their joys and sorrows, as a new human flow.

This new flow starts with Jesus of Nazareth and the friendship of this most human man. He is so human, so exceptionally human, that some start to realise that this can only be God. He has interesting things to say, he is a prophet, he is generous, he makes miracles happen. But what is really striking about him are not his deeds or words. What conquers those who accept to enter into a friendship with him is his presence, his gaze, his humanity. Such a human humanity cannot be the outcome of a human decision. We are too weak for this. Only God within this humanity can be at stake. He communicates not just divine words, divine deeds, but God himself, God's presence.

He gives not only his presence, God's presence to others. He gives them the power to communicate, to transmit, to convey this newness. So a chain of transformations, a flow, starts to expand through the space of the earth and through the time of history. This is the Church. The community of those touched by this new human flow and in turn it means that this new human flow touches others.

How did he touch us? How does he touch us now? Through the sacrament and through the service. The sacrament of the Eucharist and the sacrament of Priesthood, that exists in the function of the Eucharist, are God’s way to nourish, to feed and to renew the human flow initiated by him 2000 years ago. Venerate, respect and adore this place where he conveys himself to us! Don't ignore this sacrament by approaching it only sometimes, frequent this source, this fountain, this spring of new life. Don't approach this wellspring of God without due reverence, without washing away your sins in confession beforehand, without quenching, without an ardent desire for the beauty of life. I am delighted to say that about 400 parishioners confessed last week during three different services (the usual Parish reconciliation service, another one for the pupils and staff of the school and thirdly one for the first Communion children and their parents). A culture of suspicion and the tune of complaints continues to be replaced by a culture of humility and mercy. A new human flow. A new way of being together arises, emerges, a new flow of humanity springs up from the sacrament. We call it service, we call it friendship, we call it love, we call it mercy, we call it availability, we call it patience.

The sacrament, the divine power flows into the world through a communication of powerlessness. Pope Francis washes the feet of prisoners, orphans, disabled people every year. He shows us today, as Jesus once did, how the curing power of God continues to flow through the human flow, reaching out to those who have not experienced God's mercy. We will deepen our communion when we engage in mission. In approaching the wellspring of sacraments and in reaching out to others, becoming food for them.