St. Edmund Campion Parish, Maidenhead

Easter Vigil (26 Mar 2016)

Easter Vigil

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Today we see the power of God generating new life against the tide. Something new happens in a world where people, even people of goodwill, live in confusion and evil. Three men are inserted into a flow, into a human flow started two thousand years ago. And this happens in a world full of war, injustice, rivalry and slavery. In a world where individuals, people, countries and religions are struggling to find their own identity. In such a world, three young men find their own identity in belonging to Christ.

This is for me the test of the resurrection of Christ: his power to transform lives today. If he is able to fascinate people today, then he is alive. The changes worked in us, weak people, show the presence of a power beyond and above our pettiness. The joy emerging in us points out to his presence. Visible changes lead us to an otherwise invisible presence.

Christ is risen!

Truly He is risen!

Indeed He is risen!