St. Edmund Campion Parish, Maidenhead

Easter Sunday (27 Mar 2016)

Christ is here, now

The most striking consequence of the resurrection of Christ is that being alive, he is here. A man living 2000 years ago can cross, can get across, can pass through all barriers of space and time and reach me and you now.

And the saddest experience of a Christian is not the normal sorrows of all people on this earth, not the experience of conflict, the experience of pain, the experience of division within our personal life or division in relationships with others. No. The saddest experience of a Christian, the salt that has lost its saltiness, is when we don't realise any longer the real and vivid presence of the Risen Lord in our lives and in our communities.

Dear friends, yes I say dear friend even if, in some cases we don't know each other personally, because we are united in his presence. Dear friends, let us help each other to have a personal relationship with Christ. If we still want to be happy, or at least if we dare to desire that our longing for happiness will reawaken, then let us help each other to open our lives to his action. Let us decide to reconcile our lives with Jesus, who is alive and is longing for our heart to make us really happy, whatever our situation is.