St. Edmund Campion Parish, Maidenhead

25th Sunday, Year C (17 Sep 2016)

You cannot be the slave both of God and of money
Jesus sets a radical alternative

The Gospel today concludes with a genial sentence: ‘You cannot be the slave both of God and of money.’

Jesus sets a radical alternative. Since you are going to depend on something anyway, because we cannot conceive ourselves unless related to people and things, you have to choose. We depend anyway, but we can choose which dependance will prevail in our life. God or something else.

This reminds me of a great sentence written by Fr Luigi Giussani, the founder of the movement I belong to:

“This is man’s choice: either he conceives of himself as free from the whole universe and dependent only on God, or free from God and therefore the slave of every circumstance.”

(L. Giussani, At the Origin of the Christian Claim, Chapter 8, pp 86)

It is up to you which priorities you set for yourself, and up to you which dependences you foster. Those that produce a hangover or those that liberate you from anything else, permitting you to enjoy everything but to be free of everything at the same time.

I have seen in my life that I gradually become dependent on many things. Often we don't realise it until these things or these people are taken away from us. So God challenges us sometimes by taking away from our life things or people. He is not mean. He wants us to realise that only He can fulfill our lives. By focusing on Him we will enjoy everything without becoming slaves.

How do you want to focus on Jesus this year? What or who helps you to do this?