St. Edmund Campion Parish, Maidenhead

29th Sunday, Year C (16 Oct 2016)

Why should we pray with insistence?

The readings today teach us to pray with insistence. Why should we pray insistently?

To convince God perhaps? The gospel tells us about the widow pestering the judge until the judge, fed-up with her, decides to grant. But God is not like that.

Why does He want us to insist? Sometimes like our parents, he wants us to wait so that we appreciate better the granted bidding after a long insistence.

At other times God gives us time because we are not asking for the most convenient thing. We can ask God to keep our grandad alive, but actually perhaps it is better for him to pass away and not to suffer anymore. What do we know about what is the most convenient thing? Perhaps He keeps us pestering Him until we start to conform our will to His.

Anyway it is important to keep in touch with God, to insist, until He grants our will or we conform our will to His.

"As long as Moses kept his arms raised, Israel had the advantage; when he let his arms fall, the advantage went to Amalek. But Moses' arms grew heavy, so they took a stone and put it under him on this he sat, Aaron and Hur supporting his arms, one on one side, one on the other; and his arms remained firm till sunset." How beautiful to see the importance of the others, of a right friend, who helps Moses to keep praying.

Do we have someone in our life who helps us to keep praying, asking God for help? Do we help others to keep asking God for help, yes even to pester God?