St. Edmund Campion Parish, Maidenhead

Christmas - Year A 2016 (25 Dec 2016)

Dear children and parents/dear parishioners,

God is almighty, powerful. In order to make us happy - a word, a helping hand or sending something or someone to sort out our issues would have been enough.

But God has decided to roll up his sleeves and do the job Himself. How? This is the most amazing thing. He has made the decision to come to us Himself in person. He didn't want to shock us. So He came as a man, as a boy. He set aside His power and became one of us.

I saw this video and thought of God, who wants to save the world not with His power but coming Himself as a weak child.

I see you among those who run to help Him.

So again. This child is God. He sets aside His power, becomes one of us and engages His life with our issues without reservation. He is attractive not because of His power but because of His engagement. He loves us so much that He leaves His comfy home and gives His life for us. This is so attractive that some people around Him start to join Him and to follow Him trying to do the same. No more just complaining, gossiping, speaking badly, doing nothing and using the excuse that others do nothing. No more invoking duty to ourselves or to others. Just the power of the attraction, the attraction of the beauty, moving you and me and through you and me moving the world.

In this sense I wish you happy Christmas and an engaged and engaging new year.