St. Edmund Campion Parish, Maidenhead

Mary, Mother of God - Year A (01 Jan 2017)

Mary, Mother of God

Immediately after the celebration of Christmas Day the Church celebrates Mary, Mother of God. I say immediately after because the two biggest feasts we have are celebrated with an Octave, that is, within a whole week. Today is the last day of the Christmas Octave. Why is Mary so important? It is not that we divinise Our Lady as the protestants accuse us of doing. The importance of the Virgin Mary is not so much because she is an example, but rather because Mary shows us a new method, a new way of having God touch our lives in a most persuasive, attractive and striking manner.

What way does God use to meet us, inaugurated by Mary? To use a human person to take a human shape and so to meet us in the most simple way: as two persons meet and become friends. God becomes man and people can walk with him, eat with him, drink with him, chat with him, joy and suffer with him, wonder with him, discuss and make objections with him. In one word, now it is possible to live with God as people live together.

Why is this so important? Because God’s method to convey himself was not a one off, but once for ever. God has inaugurated a way to keep in touch with us through people taken by him. First with Mary, who was then the first Church, the first human shape used as a means of the presence of God. Then with the apostles and the disciples and so on through different generations.

God continues to use people to make himself approachable at a human level. Where Christian people keep in touch proactively with people taken by Christ, with people whose lives had been transformed by Christ, then Christian people are transformed themselves, they have a joy and a new approach to life. When Christian life is reduced to a couple of commandments or to a short weekly service, then inevitably Christian life begins to fade, becomes reduced or even boring.

Let us see Mary as the one who said an unconditional yes to God's ways and so became a means of his presence. Let us regain the reasons for our yes and so let him transform our lives and through us Christ will reach out to others.