St. Edmund Campion Parish, Maidenhead

Holy Trinity, Year B (31 May 2015)

We are related because God is related. God is love.

The last substance of our being is not performance, appearance or fashion but relationship. We are born from a relationship. At the origin of everyone is a you, or even two. No science of the future can modify this.

I had a very interesting meeting last weekend. I met people who were leaders.  We exchanged our experiences. It was very interesting. What really counts is not what we do. What really matters is what we are. God will build something new upon our experience, upon a profound change in our life, upon a life filled of Him, but we are afraid of it. It frightens us that he wants to build on something as fragile as our experience. And then we start to become agitated focussing on our actions rather than on our experience.

But if we think for a moment, is not this unity in our person what our children are really looking for? It is not all about what we are able to do, our performance. They need a human position, a mature attitude, something before any performance or flop, failure, a human attitude in place even when we are vulnerable.

Another example: what do you expect from me, your pastor? What is the best thing for the parish? Is it not the unity of my life rather than any managerial capacity, language skills or political correctness? Some think that the point is to succeed in key activities. Nothing against them, but dear people, this is not the point. Jesus did not succeed. He is the story of a failure. But He started something new beyond our pettiness, beyond our narrow parameters.

During the last three weeks I was without a car and had no clue how to go about organising another one. The temptation was to try to do something, agitated. No. I have to observe the signs. God speaks through signs. Some people were concerned and started to try to help. I was grateful for this but I did not want to hurry. Let us see what He says.  A couple of days ago someone came and offered me a car. Amazing. It is important not to force. Not to occupy His place.

He is leading the history. Our task is to go along with Him, to identify His deeds and second them.

The feast of the Holy Trinity shows us the essence of God, the essence of being, the essence of happiness and the essence of man, made after His image: we are loved and we are created to be loved and to love. Our actions are sustainable only if they gush out, spring out from that what we are, from our human experience.