St. Edmund Campion Parish, Maidenhead

Easter Sunday (05 Apr 2015)

The Risen Christ is the victory of God over the world.

His resurrection from the dead is the great newness. He wants to touch in the soul of every one of us with His resurrected life. He wants to tell us about the positivity of everything: "My dear, what is born is not born in order to be destroyed."

God is telling us with this fact that the last word about life, about your life, about my life, about all our attempts and struggles is not death. Jesus says to us: "All this is assured, I assure you of it, I have risen in order to make you sure that all that is in you and was born with you will not perish".

There are some Catholics in this parish who are living this in their daily experience. Christianity is a new life, it’s a new way of living, which is to say of perceiving, of judging, of feeling, of reacting and of manipulating things. It is a new way of life, a new way of living, not individually but essentially as a community.

So, that the Church is present in West Maidenhead means that here the Christian community is present as life, that the Christians live the life here. At school, in free time, in the needs of life, in everything, honestly, in every detail, the community of Saint Edmund Campion lives the interests that make up this environment, but from another point of view.

What is this point of view that makes the difference? Just to live life like anyone else, but with another starting point: the certainty that nothing will get lost. Everything is redeemed, saved, embraced, touched by a God who is risen from the death and so nothing will perish forever.