St. Edmund Campion Pilgrimage

Day 3 - Saturday 10th October

St. Edmund Campion Chrurch (SL6 4PY) to Slough Retail Park (SL1 4DX)

Mostly flat urban route. 5.6 miles approx. 2 hours 30 mins


Turning out of the Church, turn to your left on to Altwood Road. Slight right (by cycle lane) to stay on Altwood Road. At the end of Altwood Road, with the Crown Public House on your left, cross over the Norden Road on to Boyn Valley Road.

St. Edmund Campion Church
Altwood Road goes right
Cross over Norden Road


Continue walking along Boyn Valley Road for 0.6 miles to the end. (The road is reasonably quiet on a Saturday; however private cars are parked on the pavement in one or two spots.)

At the end of Boyn Valley Road the road turns left into Kings Grove; at the corner you will find a pathway almost directly in front of you, this will take you under the railway line and up to Grenfell Road.

Path is on the turn
Cross over Grenfell Road


Cross over Grenfell Road and directly in front of you is South Road, continue along South Road with Grenfell Park on your right, at the end of the road you will find steps together with a ramp which will take you on to Frascati Way slightly to your right are a set of traffic lights which will allow to cross Frascati Way safely.

On crossing Frascati Way you will be entering the Broadway which has the Odeon Cinema on your right.

Odeon cinema, Maidenhead


Continue down Broadway with the multi-story car park on your left after 0.2 mile you turn left into Queen Street you will note at the end of Queen Street the Boots store is facing you (Further to your left is the Marks and Spencer Store, that has toilets on the first floor.) Turn right at Boots on to High Street, walk to the end of the High Street passing the Bear Hotel on left to a set of traffic lights at the junction of Forlease Road, Waitrose supermarket will be facing you.

Cross over the road into Moorbridge Road, so the supermarket will be on your right. (Waitrose have toilet facilities and are easy to find by turning to your left on entering the store.) Walk to the end of Moorbridge Road and walk straight on to join Bridge Road. You will find it easier to cross Bridge Road at the first set of pedestrian traffic lights. On crossing the road, you will now be in front of a parade of shops that include a chemist, convenience store etc. A short distance from the shops is a roundabout cross over this and continue to walk along Bridge Road towards Maidenhead Bridge.


Maidenhead Bridge

Crossing over Maidenhead Bridge, you are now on the Bath Road A4 that will take you pass a VW dealership on your left, continuing straight on you will come to a set of traffic lights at the bottom of Berry Lane, continuing on the Bath Road (A4) you will pass a BMW dealership on both sides of the road, shortly after this you will be passing a Miller and Carter Steak House on the left, with a Shell Garage on the right. (At this point you could cross the road to the Shell Garage where if needed be possible to have a toilet break).

Walk straight on under the railway arches and over two sets of traffic lights towards Slough. You will be now passing the Bishops Shopping Centre on your left which has a large Tesco store. (Again, there are several opportunities here for a toilet break). Continue walking straight on along A4 Bath Road.


You will eventually come to a large roundabout where there is a large Sainsbury on your right (another opportunity for a toilet break), back on the main A4 after a short while you will come to a set of traffic lights continue walking straight on and you will come to a major roundabout with the M4 signposted to your right.

Continue straight on towards Slough walking through three sets of traffic lights and passing Mini, Fiat and Jeep car dealerships walking straight on you will eventually come to a Volvo car dealership on your left. Continuing along the Bath road A4 and over a set of traffic lights you will come to the Bath Road Shopping Park with a McDonalds Drive Thru at its entrance.

McDonalds, Slough Retail Park


The Shopping Park has several other high street stores around a large car park. At the end of the centre’s car park you will see a large B&Q which marks the end of the third days walk 5.6 miles.

Please arrange to be picked up from Slough Retail Park.

For any issues or needs during this stage of the walk, please contact Deborah Wooward on 07766 245144

Full route on Google maps


Walking instructions and route map for day 4.