St. Edmund Campion Pilgrimage

Day 5 - Saturday 17th October

Toby Carvery, Langley (SL3 8PS) to McDonalds, Mondial Way, Heathrow (UB3 5AR)

Flat urban route. 5.1 miles approx. 2 hours


Leaving the Toby Carvery car park to the left, walk along the pavement until you come to the roundabout under the M4.

If you've seen one Toby Carvery..


Circular ramp to footbridge

Follow the pavement left and you will come to a footbridge that has a circular, rising-incline ramp, taking you up to the footbridge that will take you across the M4. At the end of the bridge you have a similar twisting ramp taking you down from the bridge.

As you leave the ramp, continue along the London Road. Note the office block on your right which is now being refurbished as Heathrow Approach. This was previously known as Honda corporate offices.

The old Honda HQ


Continue along the London Road passing the Holiday Inn Express on your right. You will now approach a major road junction but keep to your right walking towards Colnbrook on the London Road. As you walk towards Colnbrook you will see Springfield Road on your right and Crown Meadow Road also on your right. As you pass Crown Meadow you will notice Colnbrook Recreation Park on the left and at this point the road name changes to the Bath Road. We suggest that you cross over the road as you pass the Recreation Park so as you are walking on the left hand side. Coming into view you will see a BP petrol station with Costa coffee. This petrol station is at a V in the road with the Horton Road to your right and High Street Colnbrook to your left. (This petrol station could be a toilet break).

Bearing to your left, walk down the High Street which has St John’s Homes office on your left. As you walk down the High Street you will pass a few shops on your left one of which is Colnbrook Pharmacy. A little further on you will come across The Ostrich Inn.

Path is on the turn

(It was here at The Ostrich Inn Colnbrook in July 1581, that St Edmund Campion spent his last night before being taken into London and the Tower of London. Before setting off in the morning, his arms were tied behind his back and his feet tied under his horse. This showed everyone that he was a traitor. On his hat was placed a sign that read, "Campion the seditious priest".)


Continue to walk down the High Street until you come to a Clock Tower, followed by a small roundabout. Take the second exit into Bridge Street which has a small Budgens and Post Office on the corner. Continue down Bridge Street and you will pass Rudworth Close on your right, at this point the road becomes Park Street. Continue walking straight ahead and pass Albany Park Road on your left. Again, the road you are walking changes its name and becomes the Bath Road again. Continue walking and eventually you will come to a small roundabout. Take the first exit to the left and continue along the Bath Road immediately passing Coleridge Crescent on your left.


Continue along the Bath Road passing Galleymead Road on your left. The Bath Road will soon take you over the M25. After crossing the M25 you will cross a small river / stream, the Wraysbury.

Continue along the Bath Road keeping to the right-hand side and you will eventually come to a large roundabout, which is a major junction and very busy. Take care as you cross over A3044 Stanwell Moor Road to join the Bath Road on the other side, you will then pass over a small stream.

As you walk along the Bath Road you will pass a Regus office block on your left followed by a Premier Inn opposite which on the right. You will notice an historic Victorian Water Pump known as the “Longford Pump”. Continue and coming into view you will see on the left a McDonalds and Shell Garage. (Both of which have toilet facilities). As you come to these facilities you will see that they form a V Junction where the Bath Road you are walking joins the Colnbrook Bypass, which in turn becomes the Bath Road again.


Continue walking along the Bath Road on the right for about 300 yards, until you come to a set of pedestrian traffic lights which will allow you to cross the Bath Road opposite the London Hong Kong restaurant.

London Hong Kong restaurant


Turning to your right, continue to walk along the Bath Road with the airport on your right. You will pass several hotels and office blocks. Eventually you will cross over the Tunnel Roads that takes traffic in and out of the airport. Almost immediately you will cross the Sipson Road which has traffic lights, an Esso Petrol Station on the opposite corner followed by Ibis Styles Hotel. Continue walking along the Bath Road over Boltons Lane on your left. Shortly after this you will pass a Novo Hotel. The next road you come to is Mondial Way which has a large McDonalds. This concludes the walk for today.

Parking at this McDonalds is limited to one hour. On the day I visited the site there was plenty of parking available. There are several bus routes available outside this spot, however as yet I have not checked out the routes.

McD's Mondial Way


Full route on Google maps


Walking instructions and route map for day 6.