St. Edmund Campion Pilgrimage

Day 6 - Sunday 18th October

St Augustine’s Church, Fulham Palace Road, Hammersmith (W6 8AU) to Tyburn Convent (W2 2LJ)

Flat urban route. 3.3 miles approx. 1 hour 20 mins


St Augustines Hammersmith

On leaving St Augustine’s church turn right and walk to the start of Fulham Palace Road Hammersmith End. Turn to right along the Talgarth Road and continue until you come to traffic lights controlling traffic three ways. Turn left and cross the road at these lights so as you will be walking up the road in front of you on the right.


You will have office blocks on your right and a bus terminus on your left. At the end of this short stretch of road you have the L'Oreal European office on your right. Here you turn to your right taking you along the Hammersmith Road A315 towards Kensington.

Butterwick into A315

At the beginning of this stretch of the road you will pass coffee bars, small restaurants, offices, and flats. Other notable points you passed on your right will have been the Virgin Active Gym and the St Pauls Hotel..

As you continue to walk along, you will see (on the other side) the Olympia Exhibition Halls which are now being developed. In a short time, you will walk across a railway bridge before crossing two major road junctions of the A320. Once over these junctions, you are entering Kensington High Street with all that you can expect from this area of London, plenty of restaurants, coffee bars and West End Shops. Also, you will see the entrance to Holland Park.


As you pass this point you will come to Our Lady of Victories church at 235A Kensington High Street. This is one of oldest Catholic churches in London and dates back from 1794.

The entrance to the church is through a portcullis on the right-hand side of Kensington High Street, next to the Banham Security store. The church is well worth a visit. There are toilet facilities in its basement.

Our Lady of Victories


Continue to walk along Kensington High Street passing High Street Kensington tube station and Church Street on your left. Eventually you will see the Royal Garden Hotel on the left. Pass the hotel and you will come to a set of pedestrian traffic lights. Cross the road here and enter Kensington Gardens.

South-east entrance to Royal Kensigton Park


On entering the Royal Park, you will find an illustrated map that show the various paths to take for your destination of Tyburn Convent. From the point you enter the Park, take paths going North East that cross the Serpentine and exit at Stanhope Place Gate. On exiting the Park, you need to cross the road in front of you which is the Bayswater Road/Hyde Park Place and turn left and after 200 yards you will find yourself outside Tyburn Convent.


Tyburn Convent

Currently it is intended to have mass at 3.30 on Sunday 25th October in Tyburn’s relic chapel, which is below the Exposition Chapel.

Numbers are limited for this mass to 40. It is a mandatory requirement that face coverings are worn.


If you wish to see the actual spot where St Edmund Campion was put to death (by being hung, drawn, and quartered) continue as follows:

As you leave the convent turn to your left and walk towards Marble Arch crossing Stanhope Place on your left and you will find a traffic island at the bottom of the Edgware Road where it joins the Bayswater Road. In the middle of this traffic island you will find a plaque in the pavement indicating the spot of the hanging tree.

Cross marks the spot


In light of the current pandemic and the uncertainty of numbers allowed to gather, we are not sure how many will be allowed on the traffic island at any one time. At present, only six people will be permitted.

This concludes the St Edmund Campion Pilgrimage Walk.


We hope you found it a rewarding way of honouring our church’s patron Saint Edmund Campion, as we have done in organising and walking the route.


Full route on Google maps