St. Edmund Campion Parish, Maidenhead


Join us live online for Mass every day.

Physical Distancing Saves Lives - join Mass at St. Edmund Campion according to the schedule below:

  • Daily (Sunday, and Monday to Saturday) at 10:00 am
  • Extra Mass on Sunday at 12:00 noon
  • Extra Mass on Friday at 8:00 am

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Please mute your microphone and video during all of the Mass, otherwise others may not be able to hear the service.

Rotas for 9th August 2020 - 19th Sunday, Year A
Sunday 9th August 10am 12noon
Zoom Host Reena K Basil S
Zoom Cohost Andy S Mark H
1st Reading Michael G Deb W
2nd Reading John C Carolyne H
Bidding prayers Sandra W Jonathan H
Monday 10th August
St Laurence, Martyr
Zoom Host Reena K
Reading Di M
Tuesday 11th August 10am
Zoom Host Mike Q
Reading Margarita K
Wednesday 12th August 10am
Zoom Host Mark H
Reading Brian McG
Thursday 13th August 10am
Zoom Host Reena K
Reading Angela D
Friday 14th August 8am 10am
Zoom Host Mike Q Mark H
Reading Mike Q Patty P
Saturday 15th August 10am
Zoom Host Basil S
Reading Eric R