St. Edmund Campion Parish, Maidenhead

Flower Arranging Rota

Date Day Name
October 2016 1 26th in Year Kelley P
8 27th in Year Kelley P
15 28th in Year Carolyn F
22 29th in Year Carolyn F
29 30th in Year Sadie M
November 5 31st in Year Sadie M
12 32nd in Year Cate G
19 33rd in Year (Remembrance) Cate G
26 Christ the King Marie O'M

3rd December to 24th December 2017 inclusive: NO flowers during Advent.

Date Day Name
December 2017 25 Christmas Carolyn F
31 Holy Family Carolyn F
January 2018 7 Baptism of the Lord Kelley P
14 2nd in Year Kelley P
21 3rd in Year Sandra W
28 4th in Year Sandra W
February 4 5th in Year Sadie M
11 6th in Year Sadie M

14th February to 25th March 2018 inclusive: NO flowers during Lent.

Reimbursement of the money spent on flowers is obtained from Gillian, the parish secretary, using the claims form together with a receipt for your purchases.

As the church should be open every day now, but if not you will need to get keys for the church from Gillian at the parish office or from the keyholder - see the weekly newsletter for who is on duty. You will also need a key for the vase cupboard in the parish centre.

There is a supply of large blocks of Oasis in a box on the shelf in the disabled toilet. The pedestals are usually located around in the Church or Parish Centre, or in the old sacristy.

For 'normal' weeks just a couple of arrangements will be fine, but please always make sure that there is a small vase of flowers near to Our Lady's statue. When there is a special occasion and more flowers are required, please ask for extra help from other members of the rota. No-one is expected to arrange extra displays of flowers single-handed.

FHC means First Holy Communion.

If you cannot do your allocated dates, please try to swap with someone else. If you are unable to swap or have other problems or queries, please contact Carolyn Foster.