St. Edmund Campion Parish, Maidenhead

Readers Rota

Feast Date Time First Reading Second Reading Bidding Prayer
3rd Sunday Of Lent 03 Mar 6:15 PM Catherine L Paula T Ella C
04 Mar 9:30 AM Anne G Mark H George W
04 Mar 11:15 AM George A Suzy W Patryk D
4th Sunday Of Lent 10 Mar 6:15 PM Liam F Maura M Brian M
11 Mar 9:30 AM Sandra W Mike Q Carolyn F
11 Mar 11:15 AM Marian B Mary F Jonathan H
5th Sunday Of Lent 17 Mar 6:15 PM Catherine L Lucy L Ethel D
18 Mar 9:30 AM Helen S Breda T Jane W
18 Mar 11:15 AM Nancy R Ruth D Laura B
Palm Sunday 26 Mar 7:30 PM Special arrangements will be made for the feast of Palm Sunday
We will need volunteers for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday
Easter Sunday 02 Apr 7:30 PM Special arrangements will be made for this Easter feast.
2nd Sunday of Easter 07 Apr 6:15 PM Mary S Mary C David B
08 Apr 9:30 AM Tom O K Marie G Paul H
08 Apr 11:15 AM Suzy W Patryk D George A
3rd Sunday of Easter 14 Apr 6:15 PM Paula T Ella C Catherine L
15 Apr 9:30 AM John C Ruth D Nina B
15 Apr 11:15 AM Mary F Jonathan H Marian B