St. Edmund Campion Parish, Maidenhead

Altar Servers Rota

If you are unable to serve on the date given, please contact one of the other people who serve at "your" Mass to arrange a swap, so that there will always be someone to serve at every Mass. Thank you.

Date Time
18/19 Jan 2020 6:15 Zach Adam Jack Dylan
9:30 Luis Vincent Elsie-Rose Alicia
11:15 Antos Teresa Marcie Josephina
25/26 Jan 6:15 Rudy Luca Juliana Harvey
9:30 Patrick Amelia Hannah Zalan
11:15 Lars Antos Teresa Marcie
1/2 Feb 6:15 Nathan Nasia Miriam Kayla
9:30 Alessandro Vincent Elsie-Rose Luis
11:15 Josephina Lars Antos Teresa
8/9 Feb 6:15 Dami Orlagh Zach Adam
9:30 Benjamin Zalan Patrick Hannah
11:15 Marcie Josephina Lars Antos
15/16 Feb 6:15 Jack Dylan Rudy Luca
9:30 Patrick Amelia Alessandro Luis
11:15 Teresa Marcie Josephina Lars